We are a team of qualified Audiologists who obtained our degrees from the University of Cape Town (UCT). We specialise in the prevention, diagnosis and management of hearing loss and hearing related issues. We particularly focus on the assessment and management of adults, however we do full diagnostic assessments for ages 4 years and older. Our Audiologists are passionate and enthusiastic about making a positive impact in the lives of those who have hearing loss or other ear related issues such as hyperacusis, tinnitus, etc.


We often take for granted the importance of hearing in our lives and only when you lose a sense do you realize it’s importance.

Hearing is an important aspect of communication. It enables us to socialise, assists with relaxation and stress relief, and it plays an important role in warning us of potential danger in our surroundings.

We are aware that loss of hearing can cause feelings of frustration, isolation and even lead to depression.

Our Audiologists are trained to assist you in the diagnosis and management of hearing loss and hearing related issues.

At Hear-Right we offer a professional, caring and supportive environment. We will take the time to discuss the results and find the best solution for you. We are able to diagnose hearing loss and provide patient centred, holistic management for you.

Management could include the recommendation of assistive hearing devices such as hearing aids, counselling, referrals to other necessary health professionals such as Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) specialists when warranted.


Hear Right provides the following services:

  • Diagnostic hearing tests for ages 4 years and older
  • Supply and fit a variety of makes, styles and models of hearing aids
  • Reprogram, repair and service existing hearing aids
  • Support you and help you become accustomed to your hearing aid
  • Supply hearing aid batteries, cleaning tools and accessories
  • Supply earmoulds, swim plugs and custom hearing protection devices
  • Pre-employment audiograms
  • Audiograms for annual medical examinations
  • Baseline, periodic, exit industrial audiograms
  • Diagnostic industrial audiograms
  • School hearing screenings